Pantograph with three axes x, y & z

Extremely versatile machine, to cast in a controlled way, pu or hot-melt glue on several type of products.
The machine is used in different areas,  such as filtration industry:  air, oil  and hydraulic;  wood industry :  windows gluing;  and  lighting industry: to apply pu gaskets on  ceiling lamps and switchboards.

Pantograph with two axes X & Y

Machine used to apply polyurethane or release agent on moulds.


in steel, with supports with linear sliding guides.
Commands/controls  for axes x & y:
linear guides in hardened steel, at re-circulation  ball screw for axes sliding.
Steel helicoidal rack and hardened pinion for the axes movement. two brushless engines for pantograph movement.
X axis stroke: 850 mm,
Y axis stroke: 600 mm,
X & Y axes speed: from 0 to 40 mt/min.