Pleater Machine

Pleater Machine


The pleater machine is, a patented system, for filtering paper,  particularly fast and versatile, for the production  of different types and shapes of filters for  automotive and hydraulic  industries.

The machine is created to produce panel and round filters with glued and embossed paper.  The pleating process is done through a special system of lateral screws that assures an excellent gluing and  pleats spacing.

Thanks to this system, the pleats are strongly tightened  between them and guarantees  a perfect sealing.  The pleats are sealed with hot glue hot-melt type.


Pleat height: minimum 18 mm/maximum 120 mm,
maximum length: 600 mm,
maximum pleat's speed: 2500 pleats/min (depends on the type of paper),
possibility to produce trapezoidal filters beveled in one or more angles,
software created in cooperation with Siemens.